Backup Unlimited PC’s Online

A ITC lets you backup as many computers as you need using one account. With ITC, all of the PCs in your business are simply managed; no juggling multiple accounts! And because we don’t charge you a separate amount for each PC, ITC is the most affordable way to back up your business.

Access Your Backed Up Files on the Web

All data you have backed up can be accessed from any browser! Because your data is being backed up to the ITC cloud, you can access your data anywhere in the world by simply getting online. Never be without a critical file again.

Share Your Backed Up Files Online

With ITC Online Backup, any of the files that you’ve backed up can be shared simply – all you need is an email address. Never have a large attachment bounce again. Select as many files as you’d like to share with friends and colleagues. If you’re a home user, share photos or videos with ease.

ITC Stores Unlimited Versions of Your Online Backup

Keep an unlimited version history of all your files. Roll back your books to last year’s tax records if you wish. Use our time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore your backup as of and recover that snapshot of files & versions.

ITC protect and archive all of your files that you have ever backed up. Unlike other services, you can feel secure that once you’ve backed up a file with Vertex, it stays backed up. We do not auto delete any of your files. ITC protect all of your data, all of the time.

Enhanced Security with ITC Online Backup

ITC Online Backup’s three-tiered security system provides complete data security and privacy protection. The level of encryption used by ITC Online Backup is frequently used by the US military.

Data secured by ITC Online Backup is goes through the following three-tiered encryption process:
• Locally encrypted at 256AES
• In transit at 128bit SSL
• At the data centre at 1024bit AES
• At the point of log in with UltraSafe™

ITC Continuous Data Protection

Engage Live Protect™, ITC Continuous Data Protection detection feature that backs up files as soon as a change is detected. As soon as you modify a file on any of the PCs on your account, SOS will back up your data instantly. When you need to access the file, whether it be from another computer or share it with a colleague, the latest version is always available.

Select Which Files to Backup Online

With ITC Simple File Select, you can specify to ITC what type of files to back up. Select picture files, movie files, document files, or anything else. ITC Simple File Select makes sure the right data is protected in the simplest way possible.

Schedule Your Online Backup with Complete Flexibility

With ITC Online Backup, you have the flexibility to schedule monthly, weekly, daily or hourly backup. You also have the ability to perform an instant backup. Instead of running constantly, taking up valuable CPU and RAM resources like other online backup systems, ITC runs when you schedule it, keeping you safe and optimizing your PC’s performance.

Powerful Recovery of Your Online Backup

ITC keeps an unlimited version history of all your files, allowing you to roll back to any version of any of your files. Use our time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore and recover that snapshot of files & versions.