Computer Hardware

We custom build a wide range of Intel Architecture systems ranging from the Core i7 systems, Core i5 & entry level dual core systems. We also offer branded desktops like hp , Lenovo , Acer , Dell.

ITC also offer the latest Notebooks & ultra books from brands such as HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, Asus & more. You get unmatched support when you buy premium brand systems from ITC

ITC also offer world Class Intel Server systems in rack & tower form factors. Along with supply we offer reliable support & product expertise.

We also undertake AMC for Desktops, Laptops of any brand. Our Support solution starts from Rs. 8 per day per machine.


  • Local Area Network ( Single Office Networking)

    Understanding the application needs
    • Understanding the office layout for the LAN cabling/ Wireless LAN & arriving at the optimal cabling/ Wireless planning approach
    • Understanding the factors that would enable us recommend the appropriate layer capability of switches/ Wireless plan
    • Define the roadmap for the future – considering certain future desired needs
    • Options for ‘Network Management’
    • LAN analysis
    • Performance
    • Security

  • Wide Area Network ( Multiple Office Networking)

      Understanding the application needs

    1. Bandwidth needs

    2. Connectivity type

    3. Load Balancing / Availability needs

    4. Architecture recommended

    5. Security Aspects

      Plan the medium for connectivity

    1. Internet

    2. Private Leased Line/ Radio/ VSAT/ etc.

    3. Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Service Providers

      Analyse the Remote/ Mobile Access requirement

    1. Security/ Encryption/ etc.

      Data & Voice Integration solutions

    1. Integrating Voice on Data Networks

    2. Telephony over Internet

      Understand the key reason for interconnecting the various offices

Storage and Backup Solution

DATA is integral to any IT Compute Infrastructure – if Data is not available, the infrastructure is of no use. Data is the real asset of the company.

Also as the compute infrastructure grows, the key pain point becomes the Management of Storage (or may we call it DATA) – issues like need for Storage space, people dependency increases, need for Disaster Recovery, Backup window, etc.

We have a very simple approach for the data ,

We understand the application or software required for the business. Volume of data generated every month, check the growth trends and design the backup solution. We have online cloud and offline Naas Solution for Backup.

Our Online Cloud system will help you Online cloud System